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Junior Software Engineer, Barcelona

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Caduca 2023-12-04
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Junior Software Engineer, Barcelona
Spain, Barcelona, Barcelona,
Modificado November 8, 2023


AudioStack is looking for a Junior Software Engineer based in Barcelona, who wants to apply their excellent technical skills and experience to take their career to the next level. This is a very exciting and strategic role within AudioStack with enormous growth potential into a mid-level role. In your role as a junior software engineer, you'll be focused on contributing to the development of AudioStack and ensuring its functionality aligns with our goals. Your work will play a key part in building the product and making it accessible to businesses, helping them understand its value and why it's essential for their needs. If you are passionate about modern technologies and eager to develop enterprise ready software, you're just who we're looking for. Your projects will be yours to run, as long as they align with company objectives and brand guidelines. In this junior software engineer position, you have an opportunity to grow and establish your expertise in a rapidly expanding market. We offer a competitive compensation package, which includes bonuses and stock options, as part of the benefits of this role. About AudioStack AudioStack is the world’s most powerful AI audio production infrastructure (think "Stripe of Audio"). If you are passionate about the Voice & Audio markets (think Podcasts, Spotify, Siri, Alexa, Music) and Artificial Intelligence - this is your tribe! We are an Audio-As-A-Service, API-first Infrastructure company with the aim of democratizing the way audio is produced globally. We use Artificial Intelligence and proprietary Audio Automation & Personalisation Technology to generate voices & audio at scale. Join an ambitious company with strong international tech, voice synthesis R&D and business team made out of various nationalities. Our Tech Stack: A Glimpse into Our Technological Ecosystem Programming Language: Python - The primary programming language for developing application code. Cloud Provider: AWS (Amazon Web Services) - The primary cloud infrastructure provider. Serverless Framework: Serverless - A framework for building serverless applications, often used on AWS Lambda. Architectural Pattern: Microservices - A design approach where applications are composed of small, independent services that communicate via APIs. Container Orchestration: Kubernetes - An open-source container orchestration platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): CircleCI - A CI/CD platform for automating software delivery. Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Terraform - An open-source IaC tool for provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure. Requirements What You'll Be Doing As a Junior Developer, you will: Code Development: Work on coding tasks to help build and maintain the software, applications, or systems in line with the company's technology stack. Bug Fixes: Identify and address software bugs or issues that arise, ensuring the smooth operation of the product. Feature Implementation: Collaborate with the team to implement new features and functionalities based on the product roadmap. Testing and Quality Assurance: Conduct testing to ensure the software is reliable and meets quality standards. This includes unit testing, integration testing, and user testing. Code Review: Participate in code reviews to maintain code quality, learn from senior developers, and contribute to code improvements. Troubleshooting: Provide technical support to address issues and challenges faced by end-users or the team. Learning and Growth: Continuously learn and adapt to emerging technologies and best practices to enhance your skills as a developer. Innovation: Contribute creative solutions and ideas to help the startup stay competitive and innovative in its field. Adaptation: Be ready to wear different hats and take on various tasks as needed in a dynamic startup environment. Please note that the specific tasks may vary depending on the startup's focus and the software development projects at hand. Ideal candidate Python Proficiency: Demonstrate a strong and professional level of expertise in Python, with the ability to write clean, efficient, and maintainable code. Cloud Provider Experience: Have hands-on experience with at least one major cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, and understand how to deploy and manage applications on the cloud. Serverless Computing: Be well-versed in serverless computing concepts and technologies, and have practical experience with serverless frameworks like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions. API Development: Proficiency in creating and managing RESTful APIs, understanding API design best practices, and documenting APIs effectively. Databases: Knowledge of databases, including both SQL and NoSQL databases, and the ability to design and optimize database schemas. DevOps and CI/CD: Understand DevOps principles and practices, and be experienced in setting up and automating CI/CD pipelines. Optional but strong extra points ✅ Interest in Audio (We are an AI Voice & Audio Automation Company) and you are learning about music, audio and technology. Experience and passion in working with a team towards a similar goal. Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, diverse and dynamic work environment. Certifications Open source contributions You have familiarity with containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration tools such as Kubernetes. Serverless Framework Expertise Benefits The opportunity to work in a leading voice & audio AI company, with an exceptional tech team with diverse and highly recognized backgrounds. Be part of a great story: we are making audio scalable for the first time in history. Great Learning & Development opportunities, such as our biweekly journal club - state-of-the-art papers or Friday wins, a proactive meeting to celebrate shipping of new software each week. ⏱ Hybrid working and Flexible working hours. Stock Options (subject to performance and time served). The opportunity to shape an engineering culture in a company in the fast-growing audio/video space. Laptop of your choice. A truly international and diverse team. Offices in the hottest startup hubs London and Barcelona. Why is now a really exciting time to join AudioStack AudioStack is the leading Audio-As-A-Service company with a very strong technology stack and AI R&D team, featured in some of the leading media. We have a great team and culture and you will be immersive in a very international environment and market. We are still a very small team of 25 people expanding rapidly internationally. As an early employee you have a lot of room to apply and grow your skills fast, build out a team and move quickly with your ideas, enjoying a lot of space, flexibility and trust. Join us now to revolutionize how audio production is delivered at scale! Our commitment to diversity We embrace diversity at To build a product that’s loved by everyone, we need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. That's why we're committed to hiring people regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.

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Ocupación: Junior software engineer

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